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The Center for Bioethics is dedicated to conducting research, promoting discussion, and engaging scholars on the vital bioethics issues of our day. We maintain a Christian perspective on human personalism while encouraging thoughtful discussion on all sides of the debates.

Director's Blog

Time for Pharmacies to Stop Selling Tobacco

  (By Douglas Anderson, PharmD, DPh) A recent study has revealed that 6% of patients receiving medications for chronic lung disorders also bought cigarettes at the same time. Cigarette smoking is well known as a cause of these diseases, and also... continue »

CedarEthics Podcast

The Ethics of Ebola (31)

My colleague, epidemiologist and public health expert Dr. Ginger Cameron, joins me to discuss the ethics of the current Ebola crisis. We ask some important questions: What’s going on in West Africa? Why is the outbreak so severe? Was it ethical... continue »

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