Bioethics Courses

Cedarville University offers the following focused bioethics courses. These are required courses within the bioethics minor but are also available to any University student who meets course requirements:

BIO-4710 Principles of Bioethics
Christian principles of bioethics, with an emphasis on personhood and the sanctity of human life. Three lectures per week. (3 semester hours) Prerequisites: completion of core biology curriculum; junior status.

GBIO-2720 Bioethics and the Human Experience
An integrative survey of bioethics, emphasizing human personhood, human sexuality and reproduction, end-of-life issues, and biomedical decision making. (3 semester hours) Prerequisite: BIO-1000 Principles of Biology

GBIO-4700 Bioethics Colloquium
An integrative bioethics project, including a written paper and oral presentation. (1 semester hour) Prerequisite: Completion of other elements of Bioethics minor.

For additional academic information, please consult the University catalog.