Frequent Questions

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What is MIS?

The purpose of Missions Involvement Services (MIS) is to provide interested participants the opportunity to experience foreign missions on a short-term basis. We send teams of students with faculty/staff leadership to assist and enhance the ministry of the missionary or national pastor and local church. Some may travel individually, living with the missionary and working hand-in-hand in a cross culture experience.

What are the qualifications for involvement?

MIS is available to all students. To be involved, each student must maintain a 2.0 GPA, provide names for references from faculty, staff, peers and their pastor. Participants should show evidence of a growing faith and be actively involved in a local church.

What types of teams are available and where are they going?

During the past 40 years MIS has sent over 6,000 participants to 91 countries. Some teams are invited to return to the same locations each year and new ones are added as we become aware of the need. Previous ministry teams have included: music/drama, military, TESL, education, camps, general helps, sports, children, nursing, engineering, business and other ministry gateways assisting resident missionaires and national ministries. Our teamsĀ have served in: Jamaica, Bahamas, Honduras, Mexico, Australia, England, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Kosovo, Liberia, Middle East, South Africa, Rwanda, Thailand, Togo, and Ukraine.

How does MIS determine where to send new teams?

Each year during late summer, various mission agencies, of like doctrinal stance, send us a list of opportunities available with their missionaries. Also, a faculty or staff member or a student may propose an opportunity with which they are familiar. Brian Nester, the director of MIS will investigate the opportunities and present them to the MIS committee which serves in an advisory capacity. When an opportunity is selected, our office works with the team leader to recruit students for involvement.

If I don't have a "special talent," what kind of ministry can I have?

There are a myriad of opportunities for people who feel that they cannot sing or act. All teams will be oriented and receive training for the area in which they will be involved. Some teams may be directed toward academic majors such as engineering, broadcasting, business, and nursing. There are also "ministry" teams such as camps, construction, evangelism, VBS, etc. Those who are interested, but do not know where they might "fit in" are welcome to come to the MIS office and talk with Brian Nester, the director of MIS. He will be happy to discuss your interests and investigate available opportunities with which you are comfortable.