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In order to plan an event, the element of production can not be forgotten. The use of audio, video and lighting are all common attributes of today's events. You are wise to plan ahead and address these needs early. Make no assumptions !!!

Production Services is here to help you make your event run smoothly. If you work through this list, you should cover most all of the bases, and your event will run smoothly. Below are some general guidelines:

Figure out what you want! This seems obvious, but often people come to us with no more than "we need a mic" as the need, when in reality they want to show PowerPoint, have a skit, and a soloist is going to perform. A complete picture of your event is what is most helpful for us.

  • Determine your budget! If you have a specific dollar amount that we need to keep our charges within, let us know what that is. We will then be able to help you scale your event technologically to a size you can handle.
  • Plan ahead! Don't wait until the last minute to develop the content (videos, PowerPoint, etc) that you want to use during your event. Sometimes these items dictate that we do something different than originally thought. We need to make sure we arrive with the appropriate gear for you event, and last minute changes can be expensive.
  • Allow ample time! You will probably have items to set up, as will we. Leaving too little time makes everyone feel panicked. Let us know the time we can get in to the room to set up. Often time needs to be provided for sound checks. Sound checks are for checking the sound, not for general rehearsal. Your groups should arrive already rehearsed so time is not wasted and your costs can remain low.
  • Observe Copyright! While we are not going to be the campus police on this, be sure you are trying to observe the law. Help on this is available on our website.

With the above guidelines in mind, the checklist below will be able to assist you in adequate planning for your event.

  1. Contact Production Services - Provide 5 business days notice to avoid late charges.
  2. What is the time and date of the event?
  3. What time can we get in to set up?
  4. For internal campus events, you need to provide an account number for the charges to be billed upon completion.
  5. Specifically, describe your event.
  6. How many microphones do you think you need?
  7. What other media do you plan on using (CD, DVD, Cassette, VHS, PowerPoint, etc)?
  8. Will special lighting be needed for your event?
  9. Will you be using props or set pieces? Where will you get them, how will they be transported to the venue, and when will they be set for your event?
  10. Consider anything that might seem unusual for an event like yours.
  11. Describe or draw the stage and room layout (where applicable).
  12. Are you planning on using an existing Tech Cart? (Only in equipped rooms)
  13. If we will be working through dinner, a meal needs to be provided for our staff.
  14. Are there additional special effects that you want to investigate adding to your event?

It is the hope of Production Services, that the above information will assist you in adequately planning for your event. We know it is important to you, so we want it to go well. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will answer your questions.

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