Foreign Language Camp

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June 8-12, 2015

If you enjoy learning about new languages and cultures, you’ll want to join us this summer for our World Cup Foreign Language Camp. Spanish students will use their language skills to interact with professors, university students, and one another in an effort to investigate the soccer craze of the different Spanish-speaking cultures. Our investigation will include online research, communicating with Cedarville students that are studying abroad, and some soccer action of our own! Already a fan of soccer? Join us and share your knowledge & love of the game. Don’t love soccer? Join us anyway and learn a few things about the game and the countries that will be participating in this summer’s World Cup, all the while putting your Spanish conversation skills to good use!

(Because this camp is conducted in Spanish, students attending this camp should have at least two years of foreign language instruction.)

The Foreign Language Camp is sponsored by the Department of English, Literature and Modern Languages.

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