Rebecca Baker serves as Associate Professor of Communication Arts with masters degrees in performance and speech pathology. She is a member of a national speech trainers association and specializes in professional voice work. Mrs. Baker serves as artistic chair of the Ohio Lyric Theatre which produces musicals for the community as well as sponsoring KIDSTAGE, a drama outreach for local youth. She is active as an actor in local productions, and serves as director for community and Cedarville University productions. Her classes focus on acting, vocal and physical skills for performance, and Christian approach to theatre as a vibrant connection in our culture. She and her husband, Wes, have four children--Vanessa, Nathan, Kati and Elizabeth.

Education and Credentials

B.A., Bob Jones University (1973)

M.A., Bob Jones University (1975)

M.A., Universtiy of Cincinnati (1996)

Contact Information