Workshop Leader:

Dr. Patrick Oliver, Ph.D.  

Program Description:

Presented from a biblical worldview, this workshop provides insights into “Community–based Policing” and explains why it is most effective when police departments work in partnership with the community. Contemporary challenges require full-serve policing, proactive and reactive, including involving the community directly as partners in the process of identifying, prioritizing and solving problems such as crime, fear of crime, illicit drugs, social and physical disorder, and neighborhood decay. This should be an interactive, results-oriented process between the police and the community. Therefore, it is important for social workers to understand their role in this shared responsibility for public safety and social order. 

Learning Objectives:

      • Understand the philosophy of community-based policing
      • Learn the nine P’s of community-based policing
      • Understand the ten principles of community-based policing
      • Recognize why community engagement is essential to preventing crime and social disorder