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Program Course Guide

Cedarville University's Graduate Certificate in Bioethics is flexible to accommodate part-time completion in less than one year or a more extended, convenient period of time.

The following is a suggested part-time completion option based on a spring start term. Actual graduate course schedules may vary and should be confirmed with the Office of the Registrar before the start of each term.

Part-Time Completion Option (Nine-Month) 

Year Semester 8-week Session Course Number Course Name (credits)
1 Spring 1 BIOE-6100* Principles of Bioethics (2)
2 BIOE-6200 Ethical Theory (2)
Summer 1 BIOE-6410* Reproductive Ethics (2)
2 BIOE-6420* End of Life Ethics (2)
Fall 1 BIOE-6510* Clinical Case Studies (2)

* BIOE-6100 is a prerequisite for all other courses. BIOE-6200, BIOE-6410, and BIOE-6420 may be taken in any order. BIOE 6510 is a capstone, requiring prior completion of the other courses.


Prospective students, please contact University Admissions. Current students, please contact your program advisor.