The mission of NAfME: The National Association for Music Education is to advance music education by encouraging the study and making of music by all. NAfME is the primary professional organization for music educators. The campus chapter provides informative seminars including a focus on Value Added Assessment along with service activites. NAfME offers music educators a connection to the professional world of music education and increased understanding of the role of NAfME in the field of music teaching. All music education majors are required to enroll in this course as part of their professional development and career preparation. A minimum of 8 semesters of satisfactory participation is required.

Academic Level:
Music and Worship [MU]
Music Education [EDMU]
Terms Offered:
(Term Legend)
2015FA, 2015SP, 2014FA, 2014SP, 2013FA, 2013SP
Course Offerings by Term
TermSectInstructorMeeting Location/Days/TimeCapUsed
2015FA01Mrs. Susan PlemonsDMC 149 PRT R 07:30PM-08:30PM
Dates: 08/19/15-12/11/15
2015SP01Mrs. Susan PlemonsDMC 149 PRT
Dates: 01/06/15-05/01/15

Past Course Revisions

  • M.E.N.C.
    Credits: 0.0
    Terms Offered: 2013FA, 2013SP, 2012FA, 2012SP, 2011FA, 2011SP, 2010FA, 2010SP, 2009FA, 2009SP, 2008FA, 2008SP, 2007FA, 2007SP, 2006FA, 2006SP, 2005FA, 2005SP, 2004FA, 2004SP, 2003FA, 2003SP, 2002FA