This course will explore the geology of the national parks and surrounding areas in specific regions of the United States. It is a two-week travel study course. Trip locations my vary from year to year. Six or more major areas will be explored on each trip. Students will be expected to complete a photographic atlas with appropriate geological descriptions of each stop and a term paper describing a particular feature of interest at one of the sites visited. Special emphasis will be placed on how geologic history is interpreted and placed into biblical and conventional frameworks. Students will learn how to make geological observations and take field notes. It is necessary for students to be in good physical shape for occasional hiking in rough terrain and at high altitudes, although requirements can be modified for students unable to do so. Special equipment may be required. Prerequisite: Geology major and at least one previous GEOL course. Special course fees apply and will vary from year to year.

Academic Level:
Science and Mathematics [SM]
Geology [GEOL]
Terms Offered:
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