Full-Time Student Course Sequence: Fall Start


Cedarville University's B.A. in Comprehensive Bible program is designed for full-time completion in just four and-a-half years. The following outlines a course schedule based on your anticipated fall 2013 start term and your plan for full-time completion. Actual course schedules may vary and should be confirmed with the Office of the Registrar before the start of each term.

Degree Program Start: Fall, session 2 (October)

Semester Length: 16–17 weeks (Two eight-week sessions per semester)

Program Courses

The following full-time course sequences provides an overview of your course schedule in the online Bible program.

Verify the course schedules and register for your courses with the Office of the Registrar.

Year Semester 8-week Session Course Number Course Name (credits)
1 Fall 2 XBHI-2500 Church History (3)
XHUM-1400 Introduction to the Humanities (3)
Spring 1 XBGE-1720 Spiritual Formation (3)
XENG-1400 Composition (3)
2 XBGE-2730 Old Testament Literature (3)
XCOM-1100 Fundamentals of Speech (3)
Summer 1 XBGE-2740 New Testament Literature (3)
XPYC-1600 General Elective: General Psychology (3)
2 Fall 1 XBGE-3755 Theology I (3)
XGEO-3510 General Elective: World Regional Geography: Western Hemisphere (3)
2 XBGE-3765 Theology II (3)
XLIT-2300 Introduction to Literature (3)
Spring 1 XBPT-XXXX Practical Theology Elective (3)
General Elective (3)
2 XDEV-0900 Intermediate Algebra (2)
XGSS-1100 Politics and American Culture (3)
Summer 1 XPEF-1990 Physical Activity and the Christian Life (2)
XGBI-1000 Principles of Biology (3.5)
Fall 1


Introduction to Philosophy (3)
XSCI-1010 Principles of Earth Science (3.5)
2 General Elective (3)
General Elective (3)
Spring 1 XHIS-1110 US History (3)
XANT-1800 Cultural Anthropology (3)
2 XBST-XXXX Special Topics Elective (3)
General Elective (3)
Summer 1 General Elective (3)
General Elective (3)
4 Fall 1 XBCE-4100 Leadership in Christian Education Ministries (3)
XBNT-XXXX New Testament Elective (3)
2 XBNT-XXXX New Testament Elective (3)
General Elective (3)
Spring 1 XBPH-XXXX Philosophy Elective (3)
XBOT-XXXX Old Testament Elective (3) 
2 XBCE-XXXX Christian Education Elective (3)
XBTH-XXXX Theology Elective (3)
Summer 1 or 2

XBPT-4710 or

Ministry Internship (2–3) or
Seminar in Bible (2)
5 Fall 1 XBPT-XXXX Practical Theology Elective (3)
General Elective (3)
2 XBTH-XXXX Theology Elective (3)
General Elective (3)
Spring 1 General Elective (3)
XBOT-XXXX Old Testament Elective (3) 


Prospective students, please contact University Admissions. Current students, please contact your program advisor.