Nondegree Online Bible Courses

If you're interested in personal or professional enrichment from biblical studies but aren't wanting a B.A. in Comprehensive Bible, Cedarville offers online Bible courses for non-traditional or adult learners. Begin with courses from Cedarville's renowned Bible minor and then consider more in-depth biblical studies with core Comprehensive Bible courses.

General Education/Bible Minor Courses — 15 credits
Course No. Course Title Hours
XBGE-1720 Spiritual Formation 3
XBGE-2730 Old Testament Literature 3
XBGE-2740 New Testament Literature 3
XBGE-3755 Theology I 3
XBGE-3765 Theology II 3
Core Courses — 44 credits
Course No. Course Title Hours
XBCE-4100 Leadership in Christian Education Ministries 3
XBCE-XXXX Christian Education Elective 3
XBNT-XXXX New Testament Elective 6
XBOT-XXXX Old Testament Elective 6
XBPH-2220 Introduction to Philosophy 3
XBPH-XXXX Philosophy Elective 3
XBPT-XXXX Practical Theology Elective 6
XBPT-4710 or
Ministry Internship (capstone course) or
Seminar in Bible
XBST-XXXX Special Topics Elective 3
XBTH-XXXX Theology Elective 6
XBXX-XXXX Bible Elective 3