Graduate and Adult Programs
Classes are forming today. Begin your application.
Classes are forming today. Begin your application.
Classes are forming today. Begin your application.

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Course KeyCourse Title
BEBS-4850Senior Colloquium
BEBS-4910Seminar in Bible
BECE-3540Women in Church History
BEDU-3110Clinical Teaching in Bible
BEGE-1720Spiritual Formation
BEGE-2730Old Testament Literature
BEGE-2740New Testament Literature
BEGE-3755Theology I
BEGE-3765Theology II
BEGS-5110Bible Survey for Professionals
BEGS-5120Foundations of Biblical Theology
BEHI-2500Church History
BENT-3110Jesus & the Gospels
BENT-3120The Book of Acts
BENT-3130The Prison Epistles
BENT-3140The Thessalonian and Pastoral Epistles
BENT-3150The General Epistles
BENT-3160The Book of Revelation
BENT-4110Romans & Galatians
BENT-4120The Corinthian Epistles
BENT-4900Independent Study in New Testament
BENT-4990Topics in New Testament
BENT-6110Exposition of New Testament Book Colossians
BEOT-3150Wisdom Literature
BEOT-3265Minor Prophets
BEOT-4900Independent Study in Old Testament
BEOT-4990Topics in Old Testament
BEOT-6110Exposition of OT Book
BEPH-2200Introduction to Philosophy
BEPH-3250Philosophy of Religion
BEPH-3310History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
BEPH-3320History of Modern Philosophy
BEPH-333019th Century Philosophy
BEPH-3340Current Philosophical Developments
BEPH-4030Philosophy and Literature
BEPH-4260Philosophy of Art
BEPH-4290Topics in Philosophy
BEPH-4900Independent Study in Philosophy
BEPH-4910Seminar in Philosophy
BEPT-2000Introduction to Mission
BEPT-2400Personal Evangelism
BEPT-2420History of Mission
BEPT-3420Introduction to Pastoral Ministry
BEPT-3430Pastoral Counseling
BEPT-3450Contemporary World Missions
BEPT-3470Cross-Cultural Ministry
BEPT-3480Women's Communication for Ministry
BEPT-3500Teaching and Preaching in the Church
BEPT-3510Introduction to Urban Ministry
BEPT-4510Advanced Urban Ministry
BEPT-4710Ministry Internship
BEPT-4720Missionary Internship
BEPT-4730Pastoral Internship
BEPT-4900Independent Study in Practical Theology
BEPT-4990Topics in Practical Theology
BEPT-6110Biblical Care and Counseling
BEPT-6210Biblical Leadership
BEPT-6310Ministry of Teaching and Preaching
BEPT-6410The Church and God's Mission
BEPT-6420Trinitarian Implications for Practical Ministry
BEPT-6450Christian Apologetics
BEPT-6510Character Colloquium
BEPT-6900Ministry Internship
BEST-2920Scriptural Interpretations of Gender Issues and Roles
BEST-3400Bible Backgrounds
BEST-4900Independent Study in Special Topics
BEST-4910Seminar in Bible
BEST-4950Men and Women in Leadership
BEST-4990Topics-Special Topics
BETH-2260World Religions
BETH-2350Theological Foundations of Ministry
BETH-2920Scriptural Interpretation of Gender Issues and Roles
BETH-3330Christian Evidences & Apologetics
BETH-3340Trinitarian Theology
BETH-3350Bibliology and Theology Proper
BETH-3360Angelology & Anthropology
BETH-3500Historical Theology
BETH-3720Spiritual Formation II
BETH-3730Theology of Worship
BETH-4100Biblical Theology
BETH-4300Global Theology
BETH-4320Contemporary Theology
BETH-4370Soteriology and Christology
BETH-4380Pneumatology and Ecclesiology
BETH-4900Independent Study in Theology
BETH-4990Topics in Theology
BETH-6100Biblical Theology
BETH-6150Contemporary Theology in Historical Context
BTAT-2000Introduction to Mission
BTAT-2350Theological Foundations of Ministry
BTAT-2400Personal Evangelism
BTAT-2420History of Mission
BTAT-2730Church Business Administration
BTAT-2920Scriptural Interpretations of Gender Issues and Roles
BTAT-3400Biblical Care, Discipleship, and Counseling
BTAT-3420Introduction to Pastoral Ministry
BTAT-3430Ministerial Counseling
BTAT-3450Contemporary World Missions
BTAT-3470Cross-Cultural Ministry
BTAT-3480Women's Communication for Ministry
BTAT-3490The Pastor's Wife
BTAT-3500Text-Driven Preaching 1
BTAT-3510Introduction to Urban Ministry
BTAT-3730Theology of Worship
BTAT-4300Teaching Ministry of the Church
BTAT-4510Advanced Urban Ministry
BTAT-4560Text-Driven Preaching 2
BTAT-4710Ministry Internship
BTAT-4720Missionary Internship
BTAT-4730Pastoral Internship
BTAT-4900Independent Study in Applied Theology
BTAT-4950Men and Women in Leadership
BTAT-4990Topics in Applied Theology
BTAT-6300Teaching Ministry of the Church
BTAT-6480Women's Communication for Ministry
BTAT-6500Text-Driven Preaching 1
BTAT-6560Text-Driven Preaching 2
BTAT-6850Mentorship in Ministry
BTAT-6940Issues and Values in Ministry
BTAT-6950Exegesis to Exposition
BTBL-2010Introduction to Biblical Language Tools
BTBL-2510Elementary Greek I
BTBL-2520Elementary Greek II
BTBL-2610Elementary Hebrew I
BTBL-2620Elementary Hebrew II
BTBL-3510Intermediate Greek I
BTBL-3520Intermediate Greek II
BTBL-4110Greek Syntax and Exegesis
BTBL-4510Readings in New Testament Greek
BTBL-4900Independent Study in Biblical Language
BTBL-4990Topics in Biblical Languages
BTBL-6110Green Syntax & Exegesis
BTBL-6510Intermediate Greek
BTBL-6610Elementary Hebrew I
BTBL-6620Elementary Hebrew 2
BTBL-6630Hebrew Syntax & Exegesis
BTBS-1000Introduction to Biblical Studies
BTBS-2020Biblical Research Methods
BTBS-3400Bible Backgrounds
BTBS-3410Biblical Archaeology I
BTBS-3420Biblical Archaeology II
BTBS-4850Senior Seminar
BTBS-6020Biblical Research Methods
BTCM-1000Orientation to Bible Ministries
BTCM-2100Wilderness Ministry
BTCM-2200Introduction to Youth Ministry
BTCM-2400Interpreting and Teaching the Bible
BTCM-2830Recreational Leadership
BTCM-3110Clinical Teaching in Bible
BTCM-3510Small Group Ministry
BTCM-3520Counseling and Mentoring Women
BTCM-3530Contemporary Ministry to Women and Girls
BTCM-3540Women in Church History
BTCM-3680Children's Ministries
BTCM-3685Children's Ministries for Non-Majors
BTCM-3700Campus Ministries
BTCM-3705Campus Ministries for Non-Majors
BTCM-3720Adult Ministries
BTCM-3725Adult Ministries for Non-Majors
BTCM-4100Leadership of Christian Educational Ministries
BTCM-4300Teaching Ministry of the Church
BTCM-4740Internship in Christian Ministries
BTCM-4750Internship in Youth Ministry
BTCM-4900Independent Study in Christian Education
BTCM-4990Topics in Christian Education
BTCM-6300Teaching Ministry of the Church
BTCM-6530Contemporary Ministry to Women & Girls
BTGE-1720Spiritual Formation
BTGE-2730Old Testament Literature
BTGE-2740New Testament Literature
BTGE-3755Theology I
BTGE-3765Theology II
BTHT-2500Church History
BTHT-2910Theological Research
BTHT-3340Christian Theology 1: Bible, Trinity, God the Father
BTHT-3350Christian Theology 2: God the Son & God the Spirit
BTHT-3360Christian Theology 3: Humanity, Angels, and Salvation
BTHT-3370Christian Theology 4: The Church and Last Things
BTHT-3500Historical Theology
BTHT-3720Spiritual Formation II
BTHT-3740Biblical Theology of Womanhood
BTHT-3750Historical Theology of Womanhood
BTHT-4100Biblical Theology
BTHT-4300Global Theology
BTHT-4320Contemporary Theology
BTHT-4370Soteriology and Christology
BTHT-4380Pneumatology and Ecclesiology
BTHT-4900Independent Study in Theology
BTHT-4990Topics in Theology
BTHT-6300Global Theology
BTHT-6340Christian Theology 1: Bible, Trinity, God the Father
BTHT-6350Christian Theology 2: God the Son & God The Spirit
BTHT-6360Christian Theology 3: Humanity, Angels, and Salvation
BTHT-6370Christian Theology 4: the Church & Last Things
BTHT-6500Church History
BTNT-3110New Testament 1: Synoptic Gospels
BTNT-3130New Testament 3: Pauline Literature
BTNT-3140New Testament 4: Johannine Literature
BTNT-3150The General Epistles
BTNT-3160The Book of Revelation
BTNT-4110Romans & Galatians
BTNT-4120The Corinthian Epistles
BTNT-4130The Book of Hebrews
BTNT-4900Independent Study in New Testament
BTNT-4990Selected Studies in New Testament
BTNT-6110New Testament 1: Synoptic Gospels
BTNT-6120New Testament 2: Acts & NT Epistles
BTNT-6130New Testament 3: Pauline Literature
BTNT-6140New Testament 4: Johannine Literature
BTOT-3110Old Testament 1: Pentateuch
BTOT-3150Wisdom Literature
BTOT-3210Old Testament 2: Former Prophets
BTOT-3275Major Prophets
BTOT-3310Old Testament 3: Latter Prophets
BTOT-3410Old Testament 4: Writings
BTOT-4900Independent Study in Old Testament
BTOT-4990Selected Studies in the Old Testament
BTOT-6110Old Testament 1: Pentateuch
BTOT-6120Old Testament 2: Former Prophets
BTOT-6130Old Testament 3: Latter Prophets
BTOT-6140Old Testament 4: Writings
BTPA-2200Introduction to Philosophy
BTPA-2260World Religions
BTPA-3250Philosophy of Religion
BTPA-3260Symbolic Logic
BTPA-3300Christian Evidences and Apologetics
BTPA-3310History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
BTPA-3320History of Modern Philosophy
BTPA-333019th Century Philosophy
BTPA-3340Current Philosophical Developments
BTPA-3400Philosophy of Law and Economics
BTPA-4030Philosophy and Literature
BTPA-4250Philosophy of Science
BTPA-4260Philosophy of Art
BTPA-4290Topics in Philosophy
BTPA-4900Independent Study in Philosophy
BTPA-4910Seminar in Philosophy
BTPA-6250Philosophy of Religion