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Global Public Health Nursing Costs and Financial Aid

Costs and Financial Aid

Tuition Rate - Summer 2016 Program Requirements
$536 per credit 12 credits
Tuition Rate - Starting Fall 2016 Program Requirements
$552 per credit 12 credits


Students pursuing this graduate certificate as part of Cedarville’s family nurse practitioner M.S.N. program may be eligible for external scholarships, loans, etc. Refer to the M.S.N. cost and financial aid information for details.

Financial Aid

Payment Information

Students enrolled in Cedarville’s stand-alone nondegree Global Public Health Nursing Certificate are not eligible for institutional, federal, or state aid. However, students may qualify for private loans to pay for this program.

Private Loans

Alternative loans are credit-based private loans (not part of the federal government loan program) that are obtained through a lending institution. The amount a student may borrow through an alternative loan is up to the full cost of attendance minus other aid. Cedarville University will process alternative loans from any lender you choose.

1 Select Lender

Select a lender and complete their online application.

2 Lender will Contact School

After your online application is processed, the lender will contact Cedarville for certification.

3 Loan Funds Disbursed

Loan funds will be disbursed upon loan approval.