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Program Prerequisites


Students must have completed an undergraduate degree in business or have completed courses in financial accounting, managerial accounting, fundamentals of economics, and business statistics. If you need to satisfy the business prerequisite courses, Cedarville's Center for Lifelong Learning provides non-credit options for completing the prerequisite courses online.


In addition, students must have completed a minor in Bible or have taken course work adequate to meet the outcomes of BEGS-5110 Bible Survey for Professionals and BEGS-5120 Foundations of Biblical Theology. Students who have not met this requirement, as determined by the Office of the Registrar, must enroll in BEGS-5110 and/or BEGS-5120 before or concurrent with the first two courses. If you need to satisfy the Bible prerequisite, view the general study/non-degree courses or register for classes.

Program prerequisites may be taken from Cedarville University or from another regionally accredited institution.

Program Courses — 36 credit hours

Master of Business Administration Curriculum Summary
Courses Hours
Business Core 27
Electives 9
Total 36
Business Core — 27 credits
Course No. Course Title Hours
ACCT-6300 Accounting for Business Executives 3
BUS-6100 Managerial Data Analysis 3
ECON-6400 Managerial Economics 3
FIN-6500 Executive Financial Management 3
ITM-6800 IT for Competitive Advantage 3
MGMT-6700 Legal & Ethical Environment 3
MGMT-6710 Organizational Design & Behavior 3
MGMT-6790 Organizational Management Strategy 3
MRKT-6200 Strategic Marketing Planning 3
Operations Management Concentration — 9 credits
Course No. Course Title Hours
*BUS-6300 Operations Research 3
MGMT-6300 Project Management 3
MGMT-6310 Supply Chain Management 3
MGMT-6720 Applied Leadership 3

*Operations Management students will take BUS-6300 Operations Research instead of BUS-6100 Managerial Data Analysis.

General Electives — 9 credits
Course No. Course Title Hours
BUS-6110 Global Business Perspectives (includes Global Study Tour) 3
MGMT-6720 Applied Leadership 3
MRKT-6250 Responding to the Marketplace 3