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Course KeyCourse Title
ACCT-2120Principles of Accounting II
ACCT-3120Intermediate Financial Accounting II
ACCT-3170Managerial Accounting
ACCT-4130Advanced Financial Accounting
ACCT-4210Taxation of Business Entities
ACCT-4220International Accounting
ACCT-4810Seminar in Accounting
BUS-1000The Business Profession
BUS-1410Topics in Business
BUS-2100Business Communication
BUS-3180Business Law II
BUS-3280Integrated Business Core Practicum
BUS-3400Independent Study in Business Administration
BUS-3450Business Internship
BUS-3910International Business
ECON-2110Essentials of Economics
ECON-3310Money and Financial Markets
ECON-3340History of Economic Thought
ECON-3380Economic Development and Political Economy
ECON-3390Public Finance
EUIS-1010Presentation Graphics Concepts and Applications
EUIS-2010Spreadsheet and Database Concepts and Applications
EUIS-4010End-User Information Systems Internship
FIN-2730Church Business Administration
FIN-3310Money and Financial Markets
FIN-3710Principles of Finance
FIN-3750International Finance
FIN-3760Financial Planning
FIN-4710Adv Security Analy/Portfolio Mgmt Prac
FIN-4750Financial Institution Management
FIN-4770Advanced Financial Management
MGMT-3530Human Resources Management
MGMT-3560Project Management
MGMT-4520Supply Chain Management
MGMT-4530Industrial Relations Management
MGMT-4570Total Quality Management
MRKT-3610Sales and Sales Management Systems
MRKT-3650Consumer Behavior
MRKT-3670Business to Business Marketing
MRKT-3680Non-Profit Marketing
MRKT-4610Marketing Strategy
SMGT-2100Sport in Society
SMGT-3200Facility Design/Management
SMGT-4200Financing Sport Operations
SMGT-4910Athl Admin Practicum
SMGT-4990Internship in Sport Management