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Course KeyCourse Title
BECE-2100Wilderness Ministry
BECE-2830Recreational Leadership
BEOT-3125Selected Studies in the Historical Books
BEOT-3165Selected Studies in Prophetical Books
BEOT-3210Historical Books I
BEOT-3220Historical Books II
BEOT-3230Historical Books III
BEPH-3260Symbolic Logic
BEPH-3400Philosophy of Law and Economics
BEPH-4250Philosophy of Science
BEPT-2730Church Business Administration
BEPT-3490The Pastor's Wife
BEPT-4560Advanced Homiletics
BEST-2910Theological Research
BEST-3320Biblical Interpretation
BEST-3410Biblical Archaeology I
BEST-3420Biblical Archaeology II
BETH-3400Current Religious Movements
CEBE-901Bible Survey for Professionals
UNIV-4990Consortium Course