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Program Prerequisites


Students must have completed a minor in Bible or have taken coursework adequate to meet the outcomes of BEGS-5110 Bible Survey for Professionals and BEGS-5120 Foundations of Biblical Theology. Students who have not met this requirement, as determined by the office of the registrar, must enroll in BEGS-5110 and/or BEGS-5120 before or concurrent with other classes during the first year and before enrolling in EDU-6100 History and Philosophy of Education. If you need to satisfy the Bible prerequisite, view the general study/nondegree courses or register for classes.

Program prerequisites may be taken from Cedarville University or from another regionally accredited institution.

Program Courses — 34 semester credits

Master of Education Curriculum Summary
Courses Hours
Core Courses 21
Research Courses 4
Electives/Concentration Courses 9
Total 34
Core Courses — 21 credits
Course No. Course Title Hours
*ECS-7000 Curriculum Theory: Analysis and Design 2
EDU-6000 Learning Theory 2
EDU-6050 Applied Learning Theory 2
*EDU-6100 History and Philosophy of Education 2
*EDU-6150 Diversity and Social Issues in Education 2
EDU-6200 Models of Teaching 2
*EDU-6250 Statistical Reasoning in Education 3
EDU-6300 Program and Outcomes Assessment 2
EDU-6400 Intervention Strategies and Techniques 2
*EDU-6700 Technology in Education 2

* Indicates that these courses should be taken from Cedarville University and cannot normally be transferred into the M.Ed. program

Research Courses — 4 credits
Course No. Course Title Hours
EDU-7200 Research Design 2
Choose one from the following:
EDA-7900 Applied Research Project in Educational Administration 2
EDA-7950 Research Thesis in Educational Administration 2
ECS-7900 Applied Research Project in Curriculum, Instructional, and Personnel Development 2
ECS-7950 Research Thesis in Curriculum, Instructional, and Personnel Development 2
EDU-7900 Applied Research Project in Education 2
EDU-7950 Research Thesis in Education 2
EDU-7965 Continuing Research 0-1
Electives Selected from Concentrations — 9 credits
Course No. Course Title Hours
Students may choose from the following concentrations. Six approved hours must be taken for a concentration to be denoted on the transcript.
Concentration in Curriculum 6
ECS-6550 Special Topics in Curriculum: Abstinence 1–2
ECS-6550 Special Topics: Current Issues in Bioethics 2
ECS-7000 Curriculum Theory: Analysis and Design 2
ECS-7100 Curriculum Theory: Implementation and Evaluation 2
Concentration in Educational Administration 6
EDA-6550 Special Topics in Administration 1–4
EDA-6600 The Principalship: Early Childhood to Young Adolescence 2
EDA-6700 The Principalship: Adolescence to Young Adult 2
EDA-6900 Assessing Classroom Performance 3
EDA-7100 School Finance 3
EDA-7150 School Law 3
EDA-7200 Pupil Services Programs 3
Concentration in Instruction 6
EDA-7600 Building Collaborative Schools 3
EDU-6550 Special Topics in Instruction: Current Issues 1-2
EDU-7400 Instructional Leadership: Early Childhood and Pre-Adolescence 2
EDU-7500 Instructional Leadership: Adolescents and Young Adults 2