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Stephen Gruber

Photo of Stephen GruberDr. Gruber serves as the Assistant Dean for the Graduate School of Education and as a Professor of Education. Dr. Gruber has been an educator for over 41 years with a wide variety of experiences at both the P-12 and college level. Before arriving at Cedarville University in 2000, he was a school administrator for 20 years and a teacher and coach for 6 years. While at Cedarville Dr. Gruber has taught both undergraduate and graduate level education courses both online and on campus, and has international teaching experience as well.

Merlin Ager

Photo of Merlin AgerDr. Merlin Ager serves as Professor of Education at Cedarville. He has spent 39 years at Cedarville; he served for 7 years as Dean of the school of Social Science and Professional Studies, and 20 years as Chair of the Education Department. He received his B.A. from Cedarville College (1960), his M.S. from the University of Wisconsin (1962), and his Ph.D. from the Ohio State University (1967). He also completed graduate studies at Miami University (1963) and the University of Wisconsin (1964). Dr. Ager specializes in the content areas of assessment and abstinence education. His wife of more than 49 years, Ruth, served as office manager in several student personnel positions for 25 years, and is now retired. They have two daughters, Mindy and Debby, two grandsons, and a granddaughter. Dr. Ager is very interested in missions. In 1973 he spent 6 months in the Philippines at Faith Academy, and he has taken English-teaching teams to Hungry for 11 summers through Cedarville's Missions Involvement Service (MIS).

Phil Bassett

Dr. Bassett has served as Director of Teacher Training for International Schools of China (ISC) since July 2004 and lives in Beijing with his wife, Sue. Prior to joining ISC, Dr. Bassett was Professor of Education and Department Chair at Cedarville University where he taught for 13 years. Before arriving at Cedarville, Dr. Bassett spent 11 years in public and Christian schools as a teacher and administrator.  Dr. Bassett has seven children and eight grandchildren all of whom live in the U.S.

Eddie Baumann

Photo of Eddie Baumann Dr. Baumann serves as Senior Professor of Education and teaches graduate and undergraduates courses in Philosophy of Education, Educational Psychology, and the graduate course Diversity and Social Issues in Education. He has been teaching at Cedarville since 1993. Dr. Baumann earned his B.S. (1983), M.S. (1987), and Ph.D. (1995) from the University of Wisconsin. He also serves as a visiting professor at Columbia International University (S.C.). Prior to coming to Cedarville he taught in both public and Christian school settings. His wife Teresea is a 6th grade teacher at Xenia Christian Elementary School. Dr. Baumann also teaches adult Sunday School at his church.

Laurie Campbell

Dr. Laurie Campbell serves as an adjunct Professor of Education. In the past, Dr. Campbell taught K–12 technology education as well as kindergarten, first grade, sixth grade, eighth grade pre-algebra and earth science, middle school Bible, high school journalism, and 10th grade English, and she now teaches full time in a graduate technology education program for practicing teachers. Dr. Campbell earned her B.S. from Palm Beach Atlantic University (1998), her M.Ed. from the University of South Florida (1999), and her Ed.D. from Regent University (2009). Her experience in technology education includes using mobile multimedia devices to facilitate learning, concept mapping, and emerging technologies. As a former academic administrator in Christian education at a school with more than 1,400 students, Dr. Campbell has worked with teachers to infuse technology into teaching and learning.

Peggy Grigorenko

Photo of Peggy GrigorenkoDr. Grigorenko specializes in reading and literacy as well as special education. She has taught in public, Christian, and international elementary, middle, and high schools in Colorado, Oregon, Nepal, Indiana, and Ohio. Her research focuses on social and language factors that may constrain students’ reading progress. She has served at Cedarville University since 2006.

Timothy Heaton

Photo of Timothy HeatonDr. Timothy Heaton serves as Professor of Education, and has been teaching at Cedarville the past 20 years. He received degrees from Wittenberg University, Grace Theological Seminary, and the University of Dayton. He teaches Introduction to Urban Teaching and the Multicultural/Inclusive Field Experience for all majors, Social Studies Methods for Middle Childhood, Responsive Schools for Middle Childhood, and the Honors class on Creativity. He has also served on numerous committees at the college and with the community. He is presently on the board of directors for the Urban Institute at Central State University. His areas of specialty include Gifted Education, Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligence, Classroom Discipline and Management, Cooperative Learning, Creative Teaching Methods, and Urban Education. Dr. Heaton teaches courses in graduate education as well at Cedarville, University of Dayton, and Baptist Bible College and Seminary. He is a frequent ACSI conference speaker both nationally and internationally. He has also presented papers and done workshops at National and International Professional conferences. Dr. Heaton has traveled and done mission work in a number of different countries. Dr. Heaton's wife, Martha, is a Nurse at Miami Valley Hospital. His daughter, Molly, is a Cedarville graduate and teaches for the Centerville school system. His son, Paul, is a Grace College graduate and serves with the Winona Lake Police Dept. The Heatons also have 4 grandchildren. The Heatons are involved in numerous ministries at their church, The Gathering.

Ruth Sylvester

Ruth SylvesterDr. Sylvester teaches undergraduate and graduate literacy courses. As a certified elementary teacher, she taught fifth grade for many years prior to several years as an assistant principal for curriculum and instruction. Prior to coming to Cedarville, Dr. Sylvester taught at Southeastern University and at the University of South Florida. Her research focuses on struggling writers and the use of multimedia composing as an agent for motivating them. She also has studied the coping behaviors of parents whose children struggle with reading. She is currently examining preservice teachers’ visual representation of proportional thinking. Dr. Sylvester is also collaborating with undergraduate students at Cedarville on a project that employs children’s literature as a catalyst for introducing engineering concepts to elementary students.

Bryan Moore

Photo of Bryan MooreDr. Moore serves as Assistant Professor of Education. Dr. Moore earned his Ph.D. in Education Administration and Supervision from Bowling Green State University. Dr. Moore is a former faculty and coordinator of the Adolescent/Young Adult Education Program, and currently teaches graduate courses in administration. He is Representative of the Education Department at the Faulty Academic Advisory Committee (FAAC), and a member of the steering committee for the education department.