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Dr. Bob Stouffer is a fifth generation teacher. Following graduation from Winona State University in 1980, he taught English classes and coached athletics in Mason City, Iowa. Bob assumed new responsibilities as an English teacher and coach at Pleasant Valley High School in Bettendorf, Iowa. He earned a Fellowship and his Master of Arts degree in Educational Administration from Northeast Missouri State University (now Truman State) in 1987, serving as Associate Principal of Pleasant Valley High School.

Bob earned his doctorate in Educational Administration from The University of Iowa in 1992 and served as Principal of Urbandale High School from 1992-2000. God called Bob to serve as superintendent of Des Moines Christian School in 2000. He has also taught as an adjunct professor of educational leadership for several colleges.

He is currently attempting to bring Christ-centered, biblically-directed general education undergraduate coursework to Greater Des Moines as competition for secular education in the community colleges. Most recently, he also helped to found the Joshua Christian Academy, a new Christian school in inner-city Des Moines. Bob earned his Certificate of Ministry in February, and he looks forward to being fully ordained in 2012. Married for over 27 years, Bob and his wife, Cheryl, are the parents of Hannah and Molly.