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M.Min. Curriculum

M.Min. Curriculum Summary
Courses Credits
Core Courses 30
Character Colloquium 2
Ministry Internship 6
Total 38
Core Courses (30 credits)
Course No. Course Title Credits
BTNT-6150 Exposition of New Testament Book 3
BTOT-6150 Exposition of Old Testament Book 3
BTAT-6110 Biblical Care and Counseling 3
BTAT-6210 Biblical Leadership 3
BTAT-6310 Ministry of Teaching and Preaching 3
BTAT-6320 The Church and God's Mission 3
BTAT-6420 Trinitarian Implications for Practical Ministry 3
BTPA-6450 Christian Apologetics 3
BTHT-6100 Biblical Theology 3
BTHT-6150 Contemporary Theology in Historical Context 3
Character Colloquium (2 credits)
Course No. Course Title Credits
BTAT-6510 Character Colloquium (2 consecutive semesters)

This course is an introduction to the importance of Christian character in the outworking of public ministry. 
Ministry Internship (6 credits)
Course No. Course Title Credits
BTAT-6900 Ministry Internship

A part-time ministry internship serves as the capstone experience for the M.Min. program. This mentored and evaluated ministry experience under the direction of a qualified field mentor takes place following all program course work. This experience lasts approximately eight weeks, and the requirements include:
  • Developing a personal philosophy of ministry
  • Weekly journal to evaluate personal ministry strengths and weaknesses
  • Reading reaction papers
  • Teaching observation, planning, experience, and self-evaluation
  • Individual mentor/mentee relationships
  • Leadership development and observation
The program director will work alongside you to craft a meaningful internship experience. The field mentors are required to complete a training and equipping session to ensure that course objectives are met and that you have a rich and profitable experience.

Bible Prerequisites

Master of Ministry students must have academic credit in theology, biblical interpretation, and Bible survey. If you need to satisfy any of these prerequisites, Cedarville University offers the following courses. Each prerequisite courses is offered online over eight weeks at $438 per credit hour.

Course No. Course Title Credits
BEGS-5110 Bible Survey for Professionals 2
BEGS-5120 Foundations of Biblical Theology 2

Academic credit in two of the three prerequisite categories may merit conditional admission. Students admitted conditionally will be required to complete the final prerequisite before beginning the second semester of course work.

Language Proficiency

Master of Ministry students are expected to have some proficiency in biblical languages. This proficiency requirement is met if you have prior academic credit in either Greek, Hebrew, or a class that emphasizes the use of technology in engaging the biblical languages. If no prior academic work exists, you may take a course offered through Cedarville University that qualifies for this proficiency. The completion for this proficiency must be achieved before completion of the course work and before the start of the ministry internship.

Program prerequisites may be taken from Cedarville University or from another regionally accredited institution. Any other course under consideration to accomplish an outstanding prerequisite must be approved by the program director.