Program Deadlines and Calendar

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New Students Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Summer 2015
Scholarship Eligibility Deadline
To be considered for scholarship aid, you must receive admission to the M.Min. program, complete the online scholarship application, and submit your FAFSA. Learn more.
6/15/14 11/1/14 TBD
Scholarship Decisions Announced
Students who receive scholarships will receive an official letter and eAward notification.
7/1/14 11/15/14 TBD
Admission Decision/Deposit Deadline
Confirm your enrollment with a $150 reservation deposit upon acceptance to the program.
7/30/14 12/15/14 TBD
Online Orientation Completion Deadline
Complete an online orientation, providing you with helpful information and resources, prior to registering for course(s).
8/1/14 12/17/14 TBD
On-Campus Orientation
A half-day orientation session is required for new M.Min. students.
8/14/14 1/5/15 TBD
New/Continuing Students Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Summer 2015
Course Registration Deadline 8/4/14 12/18/14 TBD
Instruction Begins/Payment Due 8/20/14 1/6/15 TBD
Instruction Ends 12/12/14 5/2/15 TBD