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In this course, the students are afforded the opportunity to master knowledge of health care problems in women, and to develop the advanced clinical and decision-making skills required. The students apply knowledge and skills of health promotion, disease prevention, assessment, diagnosis, and management of common primary health problems of women in a clinical practice setting. The students work under the supervision of qualified preceptors and department of nursing faculty to ensure that students achieve entry-level clinical competency in the nurse practitioner role. The practicum includes a 150-hour precepted clinical experience with qualified preceptors. Prerequisite: NSG-5010 Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology, NSG-5020 Advanced Health/Physical Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning, and NSG-5030 Advanced Pharmacology; NSG-5040 Professional Role Development for Advanced Practice or NSG-5045 Professional Role Development for the Nurse Educator. Co-requisite: NSG-6030 Advanced Practice in the Care of Women (or permission of instructor). (Fee $400)

Academic Level:
Nursing [NS]
Nursing [NSG]
Terms Offered:
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2015SU, 2014SU, 2013G1, 2013SS, 2012FS