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Global Public Health Nursing (GPHN)

Master of Science in Nursing - What's New for Fall 2016
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Three-Year GPHN Study Plan

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Degree Program Start: Fall, session 1; Spring, session 1; Summer, session 1

Semester Length: 14 weeks

Prerequisite Program Courses

Please refer to Curriculum for prerequisite courses.

Program Courses

The following full-time course sequence provides an overview of your course schedule for the next two years in the M.S.N. program.

Verify the graduate course schedules and register for your courses with the Office of the Registrar.

Year Semester Course Number Course Name (credits) Length
1 Fall NSG-6050 Professional Role Development and Health Care Leadership (3) 7 weeks
NSG-6060 Healthcare Economics and Policy (3) 7 weeks
Spring NSG-6070 Principles of Evidence Based Practice (3) 14 weeks
NSG-6200 Philosophy and Theology of Health Healing and Illness (3) 7 weeks
Summer BTGS-6100 Biblical and Theological Foundations for Graduate Study (3) 7 weeks
NSG-6080 Biblical Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice (3) 7 weeks
2 Fall NSG-6150 Physiology, Patho, and Genomics (2) 14 weeks
NSG-6210 Global Health and Vuln Pops (3) 7 weeks
Spring NSG-6160 Advanced Pharmacology (2) 14 weeks
NSG-6170 Advanced Physical Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning (2) 14 weeks
Summer NSG-6220 Epidemiology (3) 7 weeks
NSG-6230 Pop Based Health Care (3) 7 weeks
3 Fall NSG-6280 GPHN Practicum (2)
(200 hours of Clinical)
14 weeks
Spring NSG-6295 Applied Scholarship for Practice in GPHN (2)
(200 hours of Clinical)
14 weeks

*The sequence for the FNP clinical course offerings is per faculty discretion depending on availability of clinical placement, faculty, and the number of FNP students.