Principal Licensure Program Education Leadership
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Teacher candidates learn to develop instruction based on observable learning objectives aligned with curriculum guides. Emphasis will be given to instructional models most appropriate for middle school students including the use of instructional technology. The course examines the developmental periods of later childhood and early adolescence from a psychological and sociological perspective and how school programs can be designed and implemented to deal with the unique aspects of these developmental periods. This course includes the application of grade-appropriate principles of assessment (including value-added). Prerequisite: admission to the Teacher Education Program. Corequisite: other courses in the M.C. Methods I block.

Academic Level:
Education [ED]
Education Middle Childhood [EDMC]
Terms Offered:
(Term Legend)
2017SP, 2016SP, 2015SP, 2014SP
Course Offerings by Term
TermSectInstructorMeeting Location/Days/TimeCapUsed
2017SP01Dr. Tim HeatonPAT 103 LEC R 06:20AM-10:59AM
CAL 201 LEC R 11:00AM-03:15PM
Dates: 01/10/17-05/05/17

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