Principal Licensure Program Education Leadership
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This course addresses the relationship between philosophy of education and how various philosophies have historically affected the practice of schooling, in the United States. It will examine how different philosophical schools answer questions related to the nature and purpose of schooling, and how these philosophies have been incorporated and modified to deal with social and cultural changes in United States history.

Academic Level:
Education [ED]
Education General [EDU]
Terms Offered:
(Term Legend)
2015FA, 2015SU, 2014FA, 2014SU, 2013FA, 2013G2, 2013SS, 2012FS, 2012G2, 2012SS, 2011G1, 2011SS, 2010G1, 2010SS, 2009FS, 2009G1, 2008FS, 2008G1, 2008SS, 2007G1, 2006G1, 2006SS, 2005G2, 2005G1, 2004G1, 2004SS, 2002FS, 2002FA, 2002G1

The specified course is not being offered during the currently active term(s).