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Principal Licensure Program Education Leadership
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Course KeyCourse Title
ECS-6550Special Topics in Curriculum
ECS-7000Curriculum Theory: Analysis & Design
ECS-7100Curriculum Theory: Implementation & Eval
ECS-7900Applied Research Project in Curriculum, Instructional, and Personnel Development
ECS-7925Reflective Practice
ECS-7950Research Thesis-CIP Development
EDA-6100Educational Leadership Theory
EDA-6550Special Topics in Administration
EDA-6560Organizational Administration
EDA-6600The Principalship: Early Childhood to Young Adolescence
EDA-6700The Principalship: Adolescence to Young Adult
EDA-6900Assessing Classroom Performance
EDA-7050Curriculum Development for Instruction
EDA-7100School Finance
EDA-7150School Law
EDA-7200Pupil Services Programs
EDA-7300Building Level Personnel
EDA-7600Building Collaborative Schools
EDA-7900Applied Research Project: Educational Administration
EDA-7950Research Thesis in Educational Administration
EDA-7960Principal Internship
EDEC-2100Art and Music for Early Childhood
EDEC-2300Phonics and the Reading Process
EDEC-3500Early Childhood Education
EDEC-3600Issues in Early Childhood Administration
EDEC-3701Tch Reading: Phonics
EDEC-3800Teaching Reading and Language Arts: Early Childhood
EDEC-3900Field Experience in Early Childhood Education
EDEC-3950Early Childhood Clinical I
EDEC-3990Independent Study in Early Childhood Education
EDEC-4000Reading in Content Area-Early Childhood
EDEC-4100Teaching Mathematics: Early Childhood
EDEC-4200Teaching Science: Early Childhood
EDEC-4300Teaching Social Studies: Early Childhood
EDEC-4450Early Childhood Clinical II
EDEC-4451Early Childhood Clinical II
EDEC-4880Topics in Early Childhood Education
EDEC-4900Student Teaching & Seminar: Early Childhood
EDMC-2800Developmental Issues in Young Adolescents
EDMC-3300Topics in Middle School Mathematics
EDMC-3500Principles of Teaching Middle School
EDMC-3550Curriculum and Instruction for Grades 4-5
EDMC-3600Phonics & Structure of Language
EDMC-3601Phonics/Struct of Lang
EDMC-3700Teaching Reading Through Middle Childhood Literature
EDMC-3800Writing Process & Language Arts Methods For Middle School
EDMC-3950Middle Schl Clinc I: Tchg Read
EDMC-3970Middle School Clinical (grades 4-5)
EDMC-3990Independent Study in Middle Childhood Education
EDMC-4000Reading in Content Area: Middle Childhood
EDMC-4100Teaching Mathematics: Middle Childhood
EDMC-4200Teaching Science: Middle Childhood
EDMC-4300Teaching Social Studies: Middle Childhood
EDMC-4440Middle Childhood Clinical II
EDMC-4880Topics in Middle Childhood Education
EDMC-4900Student Teaching & Seminar: Middle Childhood
EDR-6000Linguistic and Language Development for Teachers
EDR-6100Literacy Issues and Trends
EDR-6200Diagnosis and Intervention in Reading
EDR-6250Supervised Field Experience - PK-3
EDR-6300Adolescent Reading: Theory and Practice
EDR-6350Supervised Field Experience - Middle
EDR-6375Supervised Field Experience - Secondary
EDSE-3000Principles of Teaching AYA Learners
EDSE-3021Teaching Thinking Skills
EDSE-3300Developmental Reading
EDSE-3701Tching Thinking Skills
EDSE-3900Music Education Field Experience
EDSE-3990Independent Study in AYA Education
EDSE-4000Reading in Content Area: Adolescent/ Young Adult
EDSE-4100Principles of Teaching Adolescent/Young Adult
EDSE-4101Prin Tchg Adol/Yng Adult
EDSE-4450Adolescent/Young Adult Clinical Experience
EDSE-4451Adolescent & Young Adult Clinical Experience
EDSE-4880Topics in AYA Education
EDSE-4900Student Teaching & Seminar: Adolescent & Young Adult
EDSP-2000Teaching Children With Exceptionalities
EDSP-2050Field Experience: Exceptional Learning Needs
EDSP-2400Language Development and Communication Disorders
EDSP-2500Survey of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
EDSP-2700Teaching Children With Mild to Moderate Disabilities
EDSP-3100Diagnostics and Intervention in Reading
EDSP-3150Intervention & Diagnosis in Reading for Special Educators
EDSP-3500Special Education Law
EDSP-3950Special Education Clinical: Early Child
EDSP-3990Ind Study-Special Education
EDSP-4100Adaptive Curriculum & Instruction
EDSP-4150Career & Occupational Training
EDSP-4250Communication, Collaboration & Inclusion
EDSP-4300Behavior & Instructional Management
EDSP-4400Assessment in Special Education
EDSP-4450Special Education Clinical: Middle Childhood
EDSP-4451Special Education Clinical - Middle Childhood
EDSP-4550Special Education Clinical: Adolescent/ Young Adult
EDSP-4551Special Education Clinical - Adolescent And Young Adult
EDSP-4880Topics in Special Education
EDSP-4900Student Teaching & Seminar: Special Education
EDU-6000Learning Theory
EDU-6050Applied Learning Theory
EDU-6100History & Philosophy of Education
EDU-6150Diversity & Social Issues in Education
EDU-6200Models of Teaching
EDU-6250Statistical Reasoning in Education
EDU-6300Program & Outcome Assessment
EDU-6400Intervention Strategies & Techniques
EDU-6550Special Topics in Instruction
EDU-6700Technology in Education
EDU-7000School Improvement
EDU-7200Research Design
EDU-7900Applied Research Project in Education
EDU-7925Reflective Practice
EDU-7950Research Thesis in Education
EDU-7965Continuing Research
EDUC-1000The Education Profession
EDUC-1050Preliminary Student Involvement
EDUC-1800Principles of Mathematics I
EDUC-2000Introduction to Diverse Learners
EDUC-2100Technology in Classroom
EDUC-2200Multicultural Field Experience
EDUC-2400Children's Literature
EDUC-2450Literature for Early Childhood
EDUC-2500Educational Psychology
EDUC-2600Topics in Children's Literature
EDUC-2800Principles of Mathematics II
EDUC-3100Philosophical Foundations of Education
EDUC-3200Faith and Learning Alignment
EDUC-3500Junior Practicum
EDUC-3550Linguistics Practicum
EDUC-3570Supervised Field Experience
EDUC-3601Phonics & the Structure of Language
EDUC-3990Independent Study in Education
EDUC-4000Reading in the Content Area: Multi-Age
EDUC-4500Philosophy of Education
EDUC-4850Internship in Applied Education
EDUC-4880Student Teaching (Nonlicensure) and Seminar
EDUC-4900Student Teaching & Seminar: Multi-Age
EDUC-4910Special Student Teaching
EDUC-4950Student Teaching & Seminar: Early Childhood and Special Education