Part-time Study Sample Plan (Three Years)

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Prerequisite Program Courses

Please refer to Curriculum for prerequisite courses.

Program Courses

The following part-time course sequence provides an overview of your course schedule for the next three years in the RN-BSN program.

Verify course availability on the adult programs course schedules and register for your courses with the Office of the Registrar.

Year Semester 8-week Session Course Number Course Name (credits)
1 Fall 1 DCNS-3005 BSN Role Transition (3)
BEGE-1720 Spiritual Formation (3)
2 DCCM-1700 Fundamentals of Communication (2)
Spring 1 BEGE-2730 Old Testament Literature (3)
DCHG-1700 Introduction to Political Thinking (2)
2 DCNS-3025 Cultural and Spiritual Care (2)
DCPY-2720 Statistics for the Nursing Profession I (2)
Summer 1 DCNS-3935 Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice for the RN (3)
DCPY-2725 Statistics for the Nursing Profession II (1)
1 and 2 DCNS-3945 Evidence Based Practice Application for the RN (1)
2 BEGE-2740 New Testament Literature (3)
2 Fall 1 DCNS-4035 Health Care Leadership (3)
2 DCNS-4045 Organizational Management (3)
BEGE-3755 Theology I (3)
Spring 1 BEGE-3765 Theology II (3)
1 and 2 DCNS-4005 Care of Populations for the RN (6)
Summer 1 DCCM-2700 Intercultural Communication for the Professional Global Awareness (2)
2 DCNS-4025 Health Assessment and Clinical Reasoning (3)
DCLT-2700 Global Mythology & Literary Motifs (2)
DCPF-1700 Physical Activity and the Christian Professional (PACP) (1)
3 Fall 1 DCNS-3035 Pathophysiology, Genomics, and Pharmacology (4)
2 DCNS-3015 Information Management (3)
DCHG-2700 Introduction to Historical Thinking (2)
Spring 1 DCHU-1700 Survey of Humanities: Renaissance to the Present (2)
2 DCNS-4055 BSN Capstone (2)