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Campus Accessibility

The Cove is Distraction Free

"The Cove is absolutely one of the best academic support programs in the world of NCAA Division II; it's one of a kind."

- Jill Willson, NCAA

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Cedarville University is located on a beautiful, relatively flat, campus making access for individuals with mobility impairments much easier. Travel routes between buildings are on well-kept sidewalks and open walkways with curb cuts that allow all students the most efficient paths of travel from one point of campus to another.

Most buildings have been adapted or constructed to provide access for individuals with disabilities. Classrooms and labs are generally accessible. If an assigned classroom is inaccessible, adjustments will be made. Most residence halls are accessible.

Improved accessibility is a continuous process and goal at Cedarville University.

Inclement weather can create challenges during the winter. Cedarville University's maintenance crews work diligently to keep pedestrian walkways and entrances to buildings accessible. Every effort is made to ensure everyone's safety when conditions are less than optimum.