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Hindsight 20/20

The Cove is Distraction Free

"The Cove is absolutely one of the best academic support programs in the world of NCAA Division II; it's one of a kind."

- Jill Willson, NCAA

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Actual Advice (quotes) from Last year's freshman!

  • Stay focused. School first, then friends. Trust in God. He will help you through everything.
  • Plan your time wisely. Be looking for a mentor to help your transition.
  • College isn't just about making friends and having fun. Your academic life is important.
  • Expect to work hard, because if you don't, your time management may be off a bit.
  • Work hard! And never give up on your studies. End your semester as strong as the first day.
  • Use your time wisely
  • Get enough sleep and don't procrastinate, and don't skip classes!
  • Study more and don't stay up too late.
  • Study hard and put classes first.
  • Don't worry about making friends. Everyone is nice.
  • It will be hard at first, but fight through and it will get easier.
  • Don't put off assignments, ever!
  • Manage time well and set priorities.
  • Read more and more. Put spending time with God first.
  • Watch the Calendar!
  • If you are having trouble in classes, don't be afraid to get a tutor or attend SGA tutoring sessions. They are a big help!
  • Listen to your teachers, accept the help they offer. Read, study, and stay awake in class!
  • STUDY, and don't skip classes just because you can. You are paying for the class and the professor is there for you, so take advantage of that. Tutors are also great!
  • Keep track of your grades, so that you know what your are getting in a class. Also professors can mess grades up, so you need to be aware if there is a mistake.
  • I would tell freshman how to manage their time. It is very important to keep a schedule and follow that schedule because if you don't you can get behind in your work.
  • Pay attention to your "Learning Style" and the professor's "Teaching Styles;" you may have to do a little extra work if you're having trouble learning from the way they teach.
  • You don't have to be involved in everything. In fact, you can't be involved in everything and still maintain the grades you need to have.