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Keys and Access Control

The Key Department provides each faculty, staff, and student with the appropriate keys. Students are issued their residence hall keys upon arrival. Administrative keys for all faculty, staff, and students will be issued upon request. By signing for your key, you are taking responsibility and agreeing to all the guidelines listed in the university key policy. This is only a summary of our key regulations. The entire Key/Access Control Policy is located on our website under Dept/Campus Safety.

Administrative Key Request

To request a key, click on the Key Request Form. Print, fill out and get appropriate signatures. Bring this form to the Key Dept. In some cases, requests may not be filled immediately. This form is not for residence hall keys but for all faculty/staff and students who are requesting administrative keys. The Key Department is in the Campus Safety Office located in the Service Center. Hours are 8-12 and 1-5, Monday through Friday.

Lost or Stolen Key

All lost or stolen keys should be reported to Campus Safety (7992) and the Key Dept. (7888) immediately. Replacement instructions will be provided by the Key Dept.

1. Lost , late, non-returned residence hall key $ 50.00
2. Stolen residence hall key $ 50.00
3. Lost, late, non-returned administrative key $ 50.00
4. Stolen administrative key $ 50.00

Additional charges may be added for lock replacement. Key fines are non-refundable.

Changing Residence Hall Rooms

Changing your residence hall room is allowed only through permission of your RD and your dean. You will receive from the deans' office (SSC 162) a form with your new room assignment on it. Bring this form to the Key Dept. to trade your old room key for your new room key.

Leaving Campus

It is very important that you do not leave campus before turning in your key(s). These keys will be considered non-returned/late (fine listed above). The key(s) will still need to be sent back to the Key Dept. to prevent additional fines for lock change.

Card Access

The University has added many card readers to campus. Access is gained by using your ID card. Permission for entry to a door is given through a professor or a department head.

  1. Loaning your card to others is prohibited.
  2. Close the door securely after you enter. Your name will be in the activity log of the door.
  3. Repeated swiping of your card will lock the device for a short time. Wait 3-5 minutes before trying again. If you are still having trouble, contact your professor or the Key Dept. at 7888.