Connecting great talent with opportunity
Connecting great talent with opportunity
Connecting great talent with opportunity

The Role Of Character In The Hiring Process

American Journal of Business Education, January/February 2009

"The construct of character in the business world has received particular attention in the media during the last decade, particularly with the string of corporate scandals occurring within the last few years."

This piece of research, originated by four individuals at Cedarville University, addresses that ongoing challenge and the possibility that character training may occur prior to employment in a variety of milieu — including higher education.

Career Services Benchmark Assessment

Periodically, the Cedarville University Career Services provides the ability for it's peers in the CCCU to evaluate their operations, bench-marking against one another to evaluate their individual operations, from their students perspectives, in a screened fashion against other institutions' student input.

Executive overviews of this cumulative and comparative data are provided to all participants and are displayed below. Individual schools comparisons are held by each participating institutions' career office.

2006 Survey - Executive Overview 16 Offices/6,000 student respondents

2006 Survey

2008 Survey - Executive Overview 37 Offices/9,600 student respondents

Data from 2008 is currently being compiled. Check back soon for the report!