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Parent Access

Students can allow parents to access their CedarInfo information, which includes student account information, over the Internet. If you are a student, please follow these steps to grant your parent(s) access to your account information:

  • Login to CedarInfo.
  • Under the Academic (Student) Transactions section, click on the Parent Access Maintenance link.
  • You should see your parent(s) names listed and either ADD or REMOVE beside their names.
    • If your parents are not listed, please contact the Office of the Registrar.
    • To grant your parent(s) access, click on the ADD link beside their name. If this is the first time you have granted them access, the screen will show their user id and password. Additionally, an e-mail will be sent to you with their user id and password so that you can forward the information to them.
    • Once your parent(s) have been granted access, they can click on the above CedarInfo link to access your information.

    Note: More detailed instructions, included a walkthrough video, can be viewed on our related computer help page titled Parent Access to Student Records