Statements & Invoices

The Cashier's Office generates a student account statement that is available after the 10th of each month. Students who are pre-registered, receive an invoice 3-4 weeks before the semester begins. Charges are based on their pre-registration class schedule.

Payments are due on time whether or not an invoice/statement was received. Invoices and statements are e-mailed to the student. Students can request their invoice/statement be sent to additional email accounts through CedarInfo. Paper invoice/statements can be requested for the year. The monthly service fee for paper invoice/statements is $3.


In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Cedarville University is committed to the rights of the students who are attending, or who have attended, Cedarville University. A student's right to privacy regarding their financial information is an area covered by FERPA. However, a student may release financial information to another individual by completing the Financial Information Release Form. A student may also grant access to financial information on CedarInfo. For more information go to our Parental Access page.