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Student Finance

Announcing Important Changes to Your Student Account

In response to suggestions from students and their families, the University announces an all-new student account and online payment system, Student Finance. Student Finance will simplify your user experience and provide the most accurate, timely information possible.

How to Make a Payment

What to expect with your student accounts?

First and foremost, the new Student Finance system uses a term-based bill. This is a major change from your student account of the past. The most recent term will be the default. The University hopes this change will make it easier to understand activity in your account.

Undergraduate and some PharmD students who paid the $250 reservation deposit this spring will see a charge between $100 and $250 to move the reservation deposit from their student account to the deposit account. This reservation deposit will display in the “Other” term.

Second, all eligible students are placed automatically in the four-pay plan. In the past, your invoice suggested a four-pay plan, rather than being the default setting. It is your choice to follow the payment plan or to pay in full by the August 4 due date. Any amounts remaining after the initial due date will continue to be charged interest, just like in the past.

If you are late making a payment, the payment you missed will be added to the amount owed on the next payment deadline. The late payment charge of $25 still applies for any payment not made by the scheduled due date.

If you make changes not currently reflected on your student account (such as drop a class, change meal plans, or make a financial aid change), the new system will update these charges to your student account within 24-48 hours. These changes also affect your payment plan. We would recommend double checking your payment plan just before the due date.

What should you do?

  1. Watch the video and read the Step-by-Step User Guide.
  2. Go to MyFinancialAid and verify what financial aid you are receiving. The new system will only show Disbursed or Anticipated aid. Loans not officially accepted will not reduce your balance owed. To add or remove loans, you need to complete all the steps to accept or decline the loans using MyFinancialAid.
  3. Go to Student Finance Account Activity to check your account balances for current and previous terms. Enter your username and password (passwords are case sensitive). Pay special attention to comments displayed regarding your financial aid awards as they provide information on additional steps that may still be required. If you have questions about a charge or the balances don't look correct, please contact the Cashiers Office at 937-766-7824.
  4. Go to Student Finance Make A Payment and make your first plan payment or the full amount for your outstanding charges. Using the dropdown box, indicate your payment method. Chose Credit/Debit card (2.5% fee; minimum of a $1) or the no cost E-Check and proceed to payment. Review the amounts and click the Pay Now button to add your card or bank account information by following the prompts.
  5. Review your Confirmation email to ensure your payment is correct.

Proxy Access

A federal law, FERPA, limits the type of information we can disclose about you without your approval. If you desire for your parent or guardian to make a payment on your behalf, you will need to provide them access to your student account. You might have provided permission in the past or for another office. However, you must grant permission each year. Please review, and if necessary, grant permission by using the Manage privacy permissions in CedarInfo.

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Updated: 2016-08.16