For the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ

Missions Trip to Eleuthera

March 5-12, 2005

Mission Trip

God used our team in so many ways. We led worship and preaching at a Methodist Church, we were the assembly in the mornings at 3 different schools, we held clinics after school at those same three schools, we held a Beach Bash inviting anyone and everyone, and we spent an entire day cleaning and doing construction at the Bible Training Center.

In detail, on Sunday morning, we shared the morning service with the Methodist Church. We would sing some hymns they led, and then our worship team led by Isaac Pittman sang a few songs. Isaac sang a beautiful song about the Father's Heart to lead into Kyle Gunn and Ben Futoran's team message. They worked together to give a heart felt, God led message. Then we ended the service with a special music from Rachel Martindale, Kristin Miller, and Isaac Pittman called "Knees to the Earth" to leave them with a blessing. On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday we went to schools, some were K-8, others were just grade school, and performed for their assembly. We took the first 2 minutes to show a little about cheerleading. Most everyone had heard of it, but has not seen it. We then had some fun with a funny skit followed by Ben talking about encouragement. He used a demonstration concerning cheerleading and how important it is to encourage one another is every aspect of our lives. We had a testimony after that from someone different everyday. We all got up and taught them a fun song called "Every Move". Kyle then spoke about teamwork and also used a demonstration. We had another testimony from a different person everyday. Then we ended with a powerful skit which spoke about the heart. Nate Leykam closed our assembly explaining the heart skit and some important things they saw today. If there was time, we through some other fun stuff to encourage them to attend our clinic. After school each of those days, we held a clinic where we taught them some basic things about cheerleading. We truly didn't have enough time for these, but all in all, the kids loved them. We handed out friendship bracelets which had our colors (navy, gold and white) which were also the colors of their flag, and also a heart bead. We explained that this bracelet was to remind them that we were their friends and the heart bead was to remind them that God was their friend as well. On Wednesday, we cleaned, organized, dug cisterns, did browning on the walls, and raked beaches all over the training center. At 4:00 we invited everyone from the island to a beach bash. Here we were able to love and give attention to these kids. We ended the afternoon with showing more of our material.

Mission Trip

The children reacted amazingly to our students and material. We had girls and boys flocking to learn this stuff. The older boys didn't react as well, but that is no different than here in the states. Spanish Wells, (a more well to do island off of Eleuthera) was very interested in the cheerleading aspect of it. When the clinic was over, they didn't stick around very much to mingle with us. The other two schools were very different. They needed our love and attention so much. Every one of our students had someone in their arms up until we left the ball field. Some kids struggled to let our students go.

The CU students had such love in their hearts throughout the whole ministry. They wanted to stay as long as they could with those kids. Not only did they have an amazing ministry to the people of Eleuthera, they also had an amazing ministry to themselves. Our worship and team time in the evenings were powerful. We had a very special team in that we have already spent the entire year together. We were already bonded in more ways than most of the MIS teams that go on missions trips. So our worship and team times were deep and so very meaningful. We had a night of just encouraging each other in their struggles. The devotions were challenging and from the hearts of the speaker.

In conclusion, we could not have asked for a better ministry. God used us immensely and we pray that we can develop that year after year.