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Missions Trip to Eleuthera

Not only did they have an amazing ministry to the people of Eleuthera, the CU students also had an amazing ministry to themselves. Read about our March 2005 missions trip to Eleuthera.

One, being a cheerleader is a ministry. You all give up your time, extend hard work, and put your hearts out there for the LOVE of the "game." Ultimately, our number one ministry has been to the Athletic Department. We put ourselves out there to do extra things for all of the sports. Some of these items include running concessions, shagging balls at the volleyball games, helping with track and field and cross country events, and just being available to help where needed.

Some of you girls are impacting a lot of women in our community with your help at MOPS. Brittany, Stephanie, Jane, Rachel, Jessica, and Jessi thank you from those women. This ministry helps us moms have time to grow in our relationship with Christ and with fellow moms. Accountability groups put together 7 Operation Christmas Child Boxes. This impacts children all over the world. Lastly, we started our year with Jana Conrad coming to speak and challenging us to put one Christlike qualities to impact not only each other, but also those that we come in contact with.