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Philosophy of Cheerleading at Cedarville University

Coaching cheerleaders at Cedarville University is more than a job. It is more than an athletic position. An important characteristic we set as a goal is to bring "Glory to God" through everything we do in cheerleading. Cheerleading is the vehicle to teach our athletes Christian servant hood, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, leadership, goal setting, integrity, unity and pride in a job well done. This certainly includes teaching the following: cheer technique, stunts, mounts, jumps, tumbling, crowd leading, chants and cheers, but is so much more. To coach cheerleading at Cedarville University means speaking into the lives of our athletes. It means showing interest and love. It means relating to fellow coaches in a way that unites the body. The body that is united stands. When we support each other, we become an unbreakable chain. Coaching at Cedarville University is a far reaching ministry that comes out of a giving to our athletes and to each other. This ministry also includes one of the most important characteristics, of God, the students, the skills and talent of cheerleading, and the Cedarville University program.

Love of God extends into every aspect of our cheerleading program. We quote a team collected memory verse before practices and games. Devotions and testimonies play a huge part of our bonding as a unit. This gives us the opportunity of finding true friendships and creating deep relationships with each other. As coaches, we want to teach our team to serve using cheerleading. Missions are a big part of who we are and where we want our program to go and focus on. To use Cheerleading as a way to speak of God's love is a true blessing.

Love of the students creates a family atmosphere. Each coach should pray for them, keep them accountable, and ask them the tough questions. We care about each member of the team like a family. The ultimate blessing is to see these students care for each other in the same manner. We love the diversity of our students, it's what makes us complete.

Love of the skill and talent. It takes a special person to be a cheerleader. Cheerleading has become a very competitive in all aspects. There is just something about seeing the entire team complete a difficult stunt. Every person is a part of it and makes it happen. The skills of holding someone in the air, the balance of staying in the air, and the expertise of falling through the air are definitely aspects that make cheerleading fun to do and watch. Each coach needs to know their athletes' ability level well to make good decisions.

Love of the program makes us balanced. Organization is the key to our coaching staff. Not only are our cheerleaders practicing to be better cheerleaders, they are also fundraising to keep us going. They are judging area cheerleading tryouts, they are conducting cheerleading clinics. Our program is well rounded and balanced in all aspects.

The cheerleading program seeks to create Godly cheerleaders. Devotions, prayer, goal setting and discussion should nurture and help each cheerleader develop a closer relationship with the Lord. The very essence of cheerleading can cause cheerleader to reflect on themselves and take the "glory" for themselves. It is the job of the coaches to instruct and guide cheerleaders to give the "Glory" over to God. Squad unity is a major goal in which we should be striving for at all times. Through cheerleading at Cedarville University, we have a glorious opportunity of making an eternal impact on the lives of our athletes, parents and spectators.