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Overview of Cedarville University Benefits Package  

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Health Insurance:

All full-time employees of Cedarville University are eligible for health care coverage through United Healthcare and are given the opportunity to enroll during the orientation process. If an employee declines to enroll at the initial time of hire, they must meet one of the following qualifying events in order to be eligible for special enrollment and must contact our office within 31 days of a qualifying event:

  • legal separation, resulting in the loss of coverage
  • divorce, resulting in the loss of coverage
  • termination of spouse's employment, resulting in the loss of coverage
  • reduction in number of spouse's hours of employment, resulting in the loss of coverage
  • termination of coverage by spouse's employer (health insurance has been discontinued)

If an employee wishes to add a new dependent by marriage, birth, or adoption or placement for adoption, the request to enroll the new dependent(s) must be made within thirty-one (31) days following the qualifying event.

If an employee wishes to remove a dependent from their health insurance, the request must be made to University Human Resources. All dependents will be removed on the last day of the month, per our agreement with Anthem.

If an employee who is not currently enrolled in our health plan loses their coverage, (health insurance has been discontinued), the request for coverage must be made within thirty-one (31) days of the loss of other coverage.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to notify the University Human Resources department of a request to add dependents within the thirty-one (31) day period. If this deadline is missed, the next available opportunity to add a dependent(s) is our annual renewal date, which is January 1.

Dental Care Insurance:

Flex Spending: (Chard Snyder)

  • Flex Spending gives you the ability to pay certain medical expenses with before-tax dollars. This link will explain the process and allow you to download submission forms.
  • Summary Plan Description 

PLEASE NOTE: Generally, you cannot change the elections you have made after the beginning of the Plan Year. However, there are certain limited situations when you can change your elections. You are permitted to change elections if you have a "change in status" and you make an election change that is consistent with the change in status. In order to make a change, you must contact the University Human Resources Department within 30 days of the eligible event.

Currently, Federal law considers the following events to be a change in status:

  • Marriage, divorce, death of a spouse, legal separation or annulment;
  • Change in the number of dependents, including birth, adoption, placement for adoption, or death of a dependent;
  • Any of the following events for you, your spouse or dependent: termination or commencement of employment, a strike or lockout, commencement or return from an unpaid leave of absence, a change in worksite, or any other change in employment status that affects eligibility for benefits;
  • One of your dependents satisfies or ceases to satisfy the requirements for coverage due to change in age, student status, or any similar circumstance; and
  • A change in the place of residence of you, your spouse or dependent that would lead to a change in status, such as moving out of a coverage area for insurance.

In addition, if you are participating in the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account, then there is a change in status if your dependent no longer meets the qualifications to be eligible for dependent care.

Life Insurance: (Lincoln Financial Group)

Long-Term Disability Coverage: (Lincoln Financial Group)

Retirement Planning

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