QR ("quick response"): an image based link to information

Cedarville University Contact CardAs technology continues to develop through mobile devices, Cedarville University is pleased to offer access to media and information through your camera-enabled smart phone. The QR code you see here is a type of mobile tagging. After scanning the bar code using an app on a smart phone, the user is redirected to content or data quickly and conveniently.

As you see these QR codes on our materials and website, scan them and have instant access to unique content, videos, and more.

Install a free QR code reader on your smart phone. Below are some of the most popular.

Click an image to download a QR Reader for a device:

QR Reader for iOS
Apple iOS:
QR Reader for iPhone
ZXing QR Reader
Google Android:
ZXing QR Reader
Palm and Blackberry: