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Carpentry and Maintenance

The University's general maintenance employees inspect, repair, and/or remodel campus structures. This branch includes repair, painting, finishing, flooring, and carpentry specialists, who provide in-house professional grade cabinetry, furniture, and custom woodwork. We also inspect, repair, install, and maintain the database for the key/core system and maintain keyless entry hardware and software. The responsibilities of facility coordination (furniture moving/event set-up) and pest control are gathered under the general maintenance umbrella as well.

Daniel L. Orr, General Maintenance Manager

Daniel Orr

Dan first worked at Cedarville from 1981-85 and returned in 1997. He manages eight full-time employees and up to 10 summer student workers in the carpentry/maintenance department. Dan graduated high school at Penn Yan Academy in Penn Yan, New York, and attended Practical Bible Training School (now Davis College).

Prior to coming to Cedarville, Dan worked for 13 years as a residential builder, four years as an assistant pastor, and four years in the tool and die industry. In his current position, he enjoys spending time with his employees as well as the challenges of maintenance and repair work.

Carpentry/Maintenance Employees

Carpentry/Maintenance Staff: Richard Cughan, Terry Merrill, Larry Reid

(left to right)
Richard Cughan, Pest Control Specialist
Terry Merrill, Window Specialist
Larry Reid, Door Hardware Specialist

Daniel Ron Mike

(left to right)
Daniel Orr, Trim Carpenter
Ron Bader, Fine Woodworking Specialist
Mike Eckstein, Floor Specialist


(left to right)
Isaac Kurtz, Facility Coordination Assistant
Brandon Lute, Facility Coordinator