Meet the Provost

John Gredy

Dr. John Gredy began his appointment as the first provost of Cedarville University on July 1, 2008.


How did you become interested in a career in higher education?
I developed an interest in college administration as a resident assistant at Albion College and later as an assistant coordinator over two residence halls at Indiana University. My first position as a college administrator was Director of Student Services for a community college serving 1,700 students.


What drew you to Cedarville?
My wife, Linda, and I had traveled from Indiana to attend a retreat for Word of Life youth leaders on the campus of Cedarville University. I vividly remember, as if it was yesterday, listening to Dr. Paul Dixon preach that weekend. During that brief time on campus, the Lord began to work in our hearts calling us to devote our lives to Christian higher education. God has been faithful to honor that calling. Since that time, He has led us on a journey with opportunities to serve at five Christ-centered universities. Now that I am at Cedarville University, I can see how the Lord moved in our lives on that campus over 25 years ago and amazingly called us into Christian higher education. 


In your time at Cedarville, what have been your most rewarding experiences?
During my first day on campus I experienced chapel firsthand, and it confirmed for me that I was finally home. Our chapel program is by far the best among Christ-centered universities, and it is easy to see why students at Cedarville love chapel and consistently rank it with high satisfaction levels. I have enjoyed getting to know faculty and staff, whether at a basketball game or just enjoying coffee together. It has been exciting for me to be a part of one of only a handful of Christian colleges that remain committed to inerrancy of Scripture and a literal six-day creation. I came here for Cedarville's commitment to the Word of God, doctrine, and emphasis on quality academic programs. It has been so encouraging for me personally to be at a Christian university that continues to stand strong related to inerrancy, inspiration, infallibility, and authority of Scripture and at the same time emphasizes rigor and excellence in all academic programs.


What excites you about this opportunity to serve as Provost?
I do believe the Lord has called me "for such a time as this." I can now see how my 30+ years of experience in college administration and as a vice president at four Christian colleges and universities have prepared me to help Cedarville University stay true to its conservative biblical and theological heritage while training graduates to impact their world for Christ.


I love growing people, identifying talent, and enabling people to realize their dreams, aspirations, gifts, and abilities. I am excited to be part of a University that not only produces graduates who demonstrate professional competence and leadership, but who eagerly share the Gospel with a hurting world.


What's your management style?
My style is to walk around and visit people in their offices. My door is open to you. If you need to meet, simply contact Cheryl Shupe, my executive assistant, and she will schedule a time for us to get together.


Final thoughts?
I look forward to continuing to serve our President and our faculty and staff. Let's partner together to take Cedarville to the next level and make a huge difference for our Lord!