Transforming Your Organization–One Leader at a Time...

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Transforming Your Organization–One Leader at a Time...

September 24, 2013

Transforming Your Organization
One Leader at a Time ...

Organizations grow stagnant over time and begin to show signs of resisting change and being “stuck or frozen” in time. These organizations often place a high value on the past and even desire to return to the way things were. Even with dangerous economic trends looming, the comfort of continuing to focus on the glory and accomplishments associated with the past prevent organizations from focusing on the future and new ideas.

In order to transform culture and accelerate change, it is essential to put the right leaders in the right spots. In evaluating and identifying current or new talent, it is important to look for leaders who embody certain distinct and identifiable characteristics.

Attempting to change a status quo culture is an uphill battle. The most time-efficient way for a top leader to move an organization to embrace change is to hire game changers. Game changers love challenges and actually thrive on change. As a leader, how do you recruit and retain leaders who can make a significant impact on your organization? You need to focus your own leadership priorities to searching for the right leaders to fill key spots in your organization. The following is a list of key attributes to help you in your evaluation and search for transformational leaders:

Nine Characteristics to Identify Game Changers

  1. They not only value the future but actively shape the future.
  2. They not only adapt to change but enjoy leading and creating change.
  3. They not only emphasize quality and continuous improvement, but aggressively build new products and programs.
  4. They not only advocate for vibrant customer relations, but actually take time to listen to customers.
  5. They not only talk growth in sales, but create an organizational climate to foster growth.
  6. They are not only good at leading leaders, but are good at assessing and recognizing top talent.
  7. They not only accomplish professional and organizational goals, but also spend time motivating people around them to new heights.
  8. They not only expect leaders to be high achievers, but take time to break down roadblocks and barriers to ensure success.
  9. They not only value positive attitudes, but promote and live out a positive spirit and a “winning attitude.”

The speed of change in our economy and in the decision-making habits of consumers is accelerating rapidly. In order for organizations to increase market share and find ways to grow, they must create an organizational culture that values the future and embraces change. Change is tough on most employees. Therefore, it is imperative to find leaders who not only encourage change, but thrive on it and value success. Finding top game changers must become a major focus if you truly desire to position your organization for innovation and success.

Therefore, as leaders, we need to take time to search for and identify top talent that not only can adapt, but enjoys leading and creating change. Knowing the characteristics of a game changer will remind you, as a leader, that the quickest way to success is through picking the right leaders.