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International Business Students Meet with CNN Beijing Bureau Chief in China

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by Public Relations Office

May 13, 2005

Cedarville, Ohio—Cedarville University students in China for a class in international business got a rare treat recently when they met with Jaime FlorCruz, the Beijing bureau chief for Cable News Network (CNN). FlorCruz, who is also serving as the chief representative of the FORTUNE Global Forum in Beijing this month, shared his international marketplace experiences with the students. He also described the processes of intercultural business exchanges from an insider`s perspective. Dr. Franco Gandolfi, a Cedarville University associate professor of international business, said, "Jaime`s insights and experiences were fascinating to hear. Our students learned enough in that short session to justify their entire trip to China." "Meeting with Mr. FlorCruz was terrific, and it was great to hear his insight on politics, legal systems, news, and cutting-edge modern business advances," said Brian Sallee, a sophomore global economics major from Hickory, N.C., one of seven Cedarville students who was in China for the class. Ben Collins, a freshman international business major from Carlisle, Pa., said "The up-close and personal look at international business through the eyes of Jaime FlorCruz has provided a greater understanding of the Chinese economy as it relates to our world today." Myron Youngman, a Cedarville University graduate who has been working in China for more than 20 years and arranged the opportunity for the students, said, "Jaime provided insights on China that are rooted in more than three decades of personal experience in the country. He was extraordinarily gracious to give so much of his time to help equip Cedarville University students to better engage the international business community." "Jaime also shared about the upcoming CNN special programming called ‘Eye on China,`" Youngman added, "which gave the students a preview of what the rest of the world will see beginning May 14, as well as of the FORTUNE Global Forum. We are all very grateful to him." -CEDARVILLE- Photo Caption: Cedarville University students interact with CNN`s Beijing Bureau Chief Jaime FlorCruz (right) as part of their travel studies program in China. The students learned from FlorCruz about the processes of intercultural business exchanges from an insider`s perspective and his experiences in the international marketplace. Dr. Franco Gandolfi (left), Cedarville University Associate Professor of International Business, is conducting the course. Myron Youngman (center), president of the Kaifa Group, Inc., and a Cedarville University graduate who has been working in China for more than 20 years, arranged the opportunity.