Today's Drip Brew

Cedarville Blend

A dark blend of perfectly roasted beans with a robust, smooth body that highlights its complexity.

Espresso Buzz

A full bodied espresso roast, highlighting the traditional taste of South American coffee with a strong, sweet and smooth taste.

Decaf Blend

This is a full bodied medium to dark roasted Decaf. The Swiss Water process uses water to remove the caffeine instead of harsh chemicals.

Each week we will highlight a different coffee type, please see the list below for what will be available:

1st Week of the Month - Brazilian Santons

This medium roasted South American coffee holds the quintessential taste that coffee is known for. It gives a rich nutty cup with a lingering dark chocolate aftertaste.

2nd Week of the Month - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and the Yirgacheffe will not disappoint. This medium roasted coffee gives a smooth and crisp cup with a slight floral aroma. The aftertaste is very mild, almost tea-like.

3rd Week of the Month - Costa Rican

Costa Rican is known for its balanced and clean taste. This medium roasted Costa Rican will greet you with a light berry-like flavor; ending with a smooth, clean aftertaste

4th Week of the Month - Sulawesi-Kalosi

Hailing from the Island of Sulawesi this coffee is know for its full, brooding flavor and low acidity. The Sulawesi-Kalosi cup will start with a rich, deep, woody flavor and finish with a little dark chocolate.