Strategic Growth Division

Rigorous Academics at Cedarville
Building and Mobilizing our
Campus Community for Tomorrow
Igniting our Campus Community
for Growth

We are excited to serve as a catalyst for growth for Cedarville University. We look forward to working with faculty, staff, students, board members, and alumni to ignite our campus community for future enrollment growth by creating an external relations focus and by adding new academic initiatives which fit with the mission and vision of the University.

The key to our success will be to promote and mobilize a campus-wide vision for strategic growth. Take a few minutes to look at our various departments and see the wide range of opportunities to foster growth.

Cedarville University is all about people and we are passionate about providing professional development opportunities for people to grow. Perhaps my Leadership Blog or Book Reviews will be a useful tool for you.

As we strive to build a culture of innovation, we will need your ideas. Please feel free to set up a time to Share an Idea! I look forward to working with you as we build and mobilize our campus community for tomorrow!

John S. Gredy