Book Review: The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership

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Book Review: The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership

January 1, 0001

The Contrarian's Guide to LeadershipThe author of The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership gives a practical approach to leadership in higher education. Steven B. Sample, President of USC, has had a significant impact on a public east coast university and a private west coast university and the reader can gain a lot from his years of experience and an insight on everything from the art of listening to molding future leaders.

I really appreciated his emphasis on listening as a leader and taking time in a transition to learn about the institution and learn about its uniqueness, history and current needs.

A practical gem he noted is the importance to take time to read and make sure you read a diverse set of books ranging from history to biographies to classics as well as current works related to contemporary issues. It was good to learn his approach to reading and how he has valued this time he has devoted to reading over the years and the impact it has made in his own leadership life.

This is a good book if you want practical ideas on leadership and insights from someone who has made a significant contribution to higher education.

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