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Excel Initiatives

The EXCEL Initiatives workshops focus on Biblical principles of leadership, character and integrity, priority management, styles of leadership, leadership and culture, diversity and leadership, communication skills, and professional development.

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Workshop Descriptions

Biblical Principles of Leadership

This workshop identifies biblical principles applicable to all levels of leadership. The course addresses the requirements for and the needs of biblical leadership. Topics discussed include vision development, goal setting, and personal accountability.

Character and Integrity in Leadership

This workshop explores the importance of character and integrity in the life of a Christian leader.

Priority Management

This workshop covers the practical issues of establishing clear priorities and employing time management perspectives and techniques to reach personal and team goals.

Styles of Leadership I

Students will take and score the DiSC Personal Profile in order to learn more about their own strengths, weaknesses, and approaches to leadership style.

Styles of Leadership II

This workshop will focus primarily on how students interact with others based on their leadership styles.

Leadership and Culture

These three workshops introduce student leaders to issues related to diversity and gender as well as examine contemporary issues in the area of leadership. They will examine the virtue of tolerance from a Christian perspective and present appropriate standards for conduct and communication with the opposite sex.

  • Diversity and Leadership
    No matter where you turn, the issue of diversity and multiculturalism is at the forefront. This workshop seeks to encourage the learner to identify the importance of diversity while addressing it on a personal and corporate level.
  • Women and Leadership discusses the challenges and opportunities that arise from working with and/or being a female leader.
  • Christ & Culture equips student leaders to increase their effectiveness in navigating through the values and processes of the cultures within which they are seeking impact by exploring frameworks for analyzing and synthesizing ideas about culture and building a leadership agenda for influencing those cultures.

Communication Skills for Leaders

Leaders have to effectively communicate both a vision and a plan. Effective communication is built on a biblcal attitude as well as well as practical skills. While the primary emphasis is on oral communication, these principles apply to all areas of communication.

Professional Development for Leaders

For students who have completed all other core initiatives, this capstone session covers an overview of basic principles of etiquette and protocol for leaders.