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Leadership Interns

The CU LEAD Internship is cohort of student leaders who are committed to a Biblical definition of leadership and a holistic approach to leadership development. CU LEAD Interns are entrusted to oversee, promote, implement and asses the CU LEAD program. The Interns are charged with assisting in the planning, promotion, and implementation of the annual CU LEADership Conference. The Interns will oversee the annual assessment of the CU LEAD program and CU LEADership Conference.

CU LEAD Internship Purpose

  • To develop leaders who know and live out a Biblical definition of leadership (Stewardship, Influence, Service)
  • To entrust student leaders with the responsibility and opportunity to assist in overseeing and managing the CU LEAD program and the CU LEADership Conference
  • To provide the CU LEAD Interns with one-on-one and team coaching in regards to leadership, management, and personal responsibilities

CU LEAD Interns