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Integrating Donation Forms and Google Sheets

Cedarville’s now annual tradition of a one-day, twenty-four hour giving day blitz fell on April 20 in 2016. While we were able to re-use a number of website front-end design patterns from the 2015 site, several back-end modifications were... continue »

ColdFusion 11 and Charset Encoding Issue Serving Images

We’ve long had ColdFusion cfm pages that fetch images from a remote server using cfhttp or the local file system and serve them to the client web browser using a combination of the cfcontent, cfheader and cfoutput tags. As we move our... continue »

About Us

As part of the Enrollment Management and Marketing division, the department of Web Development Services provides web-related services to the entire university in these four primary areas:

  • University web presence
  • Personalized websites
  • Web and mobile strategy
  • Marketing technology

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